Festival Wedding Ideas

Festival Wedding Ideas

Why have a boring old hotel wedding? Maybe a standard church wedding isn’t right for you. You’ve heard of a festival wedding, but feel overwhelmed by what exactly that would entail. Perhaps you’re feeling that you’re not creative enough to pull off a memorable festival event. Let’s talk about some fantastic festival wedding ideas – you can easily have a wedding event that your guest will never forget!

The Perfect Location

Find your perfect location anywhere in England or Wales. Perhaps it’s a meadow where you had a romantic walk in the early stages of your relationship. Maybe a clearing where you celebrated your love with a picnic, or the wide open field where he proposed. Any outdoor setting can be your festival wedding location! Pick a place that has meaning to you, and where you can simply see your wedding taking place. A festival wedding lets the location be perfectly up to you, so make the most of it!

‘Glamp’ It Up!

Forget a country inn, or a city hotel with a banquet hall. House your guests in posh, luxurious style with beautiful bell tents! Blue Bell Tents offers second to none service, and the very best in glamping bell tents. This is the perfect way to create your festival atmosphere, and provide your guests with beautiful, convenient accommodations. Your guests will never forget their glamping experience, and your festival wedding will be as easy as they come. Having all your guests in one place will allow old friends to reunite, new friends to be made, and endless stories that will be told for years to come.

Forget the Sit Down Dinner, Throw a Picnic!

You’ve been to a thousand weddings, and a festival wedding is the perfect occasion to get away from the traditional, and terribly dull three course wedding dinner.  Create an area where you can have a relaxing picnic full of delicious treats. You won’t have to stress about creating over the top seating charts, or worry about who you’re offending by where and who you sat them with. Simply set out a lovely combination of blankets, small tables, chairs and outdoor friendly pillows. Not only will you have beautiful and unique photographs of your wedding meal, your guests will have an incredible time. Worried about how to put together a picnic for that many guests? Blue Bell Tents and Home Cooked Hamper Picnic Boxes will take care of it for you. You’ll have an incredible picnic meal, with nothing to fret over!

What are your festival wedding ideas? We can’t wait to hear!


The bell tents set off the whole site beautifully, and so many people commented on them to us, thank...

Gaby and Alex Bowman
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What is a Blue Bell Tent?
Blue Bell Tents are traditional canvas 5m bell tents, originating from 19th century military camps and reimagined today as versatile tent hotel rooms. The entrance doorway is over 5ft, and the tallest part of the tent is almost 7ft high.
Is there power?
There is no electricity supplied to the tents themselves, and all lighting is either battery or solar powered. When we are operating a reception tent (at most festivals we attend) there will be facilities to charge your phone and hairdryers supplied with mirrors.
What comes included in the tents?
The tents are all 5m in diameter and come fully furnished with the queen size double or single Blue Bell wooden camp bed with a real mattress, 200 thread count pure cotton bed linen, winter tog duvets and fluffy pillows, sea-grass custom made flooring, brass vanity mirror, atmospheric lighting and lockable doors.
What should I bring with me?
You are welcome to bring whatever it is that will make your stay even more comfortable. This might be some deckchairs and a camp table, a picnic rug or cooking stove (please check with the festival you are attending on the specific rules). You will also need to bring a towel and toiletries and soap, AND don’t forget your wellingtons or boots! Blue Bell Tents come with bedding and bed linen. We have blankets available to buy and take home with you if you feel the nights are chillier than normal, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.
Is there a deposit system?
Payment for booking is required in advance, and we do not take any additional payment as a security deposit.