Bell Tent Wedding

Bell Tent Wedding

Newly engaged, and dreaming of something different for your wedding? If you don’t feel that traditional venues are going to meet your wedding needs, you ought to consider a bell tent wedding. A bell tent wedding will showcase your creativity and the uniqueness of your relationship. In addition, it allows for a freedom to have fun, and an extreme ease of planning. Instead of dealing with endless locations, planners, hotel rooms and the like, you’ll have everything in one place. Not to mention the beautiful memories you’ll create in such an interesting setting!

What is a Bell Tent Wedding

A bell tent wedding gets you out of the box. Blue Bell Tents will create the ultimate ‘glamping’ experience for your guests, with our fleet of lovely canvas bell tents. The tents can be set up anywhere in England or Wales that your heart desires. That beautiful country walk you took as a couple can now be the location of your wedding! Our fleet of tents can house up to 250 guests in luxurious style and comfort. They’ll all be in one exciting place, and you needn’t provide transport to and from a variety of locations.

Camping for your wedding? Hold the phone you say, I want a posh and stylish wedding! A bell tent wedding is just that! This isn’t any old nylon tent you battle into submission, only to crawl in a huddle in a sleeping bag for warmth. Our tents feature a real wooden bed with soft, supportive mattress, linen bedding, fluffy pillows, beautiful duvets, sea grass flooring, vanity mirrors, and soft electric lighting. This is camping for royalty, not whatever you did as a child! Equivalent to a fine hotel or inn, bell tent ‘glamping’ simply adds the novelty of outdoor life, enhancing your guests overall experience.

The Ultimate in Ease and Convenience

A bell tent wedding may be posh, unique and beautiful, but it’s also incredibly convenient! With Blue Bell Tents taking care of all the setup, reservations and accommodations details for you, you get to focus on the experience. Your guests will book through us, be guided to their glamorous tent by our reservations personnel and be ready to embrace all the joy of your wedding weekend. The best part? Once they’ve arrived, none of your guests will need to go anywhere! You’re wedding activities will take place in one location, and as previously mentioned, you needn’t fuss with transport. Contact Blue Bell for a quote on your Bell Tent Wedding today!


The tents were gorgeous, all the wedding guests were super happy, thanks for helping out....

Jade Jagger
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What is a Blue Bell Tent?
Blue Bell Tents are traditional canvas 5m bell tents, originating from 19th century military camps and reimagined today as versatile tent hotel rooms. The entrance doorway is over 5ft, and the tallest part of the tent is almost 7ft high.
Is there power?
There is no electricity supplied to the tents themselves, and all lighting is either battery or solar powered. When we are operating a reception tent (at most festivals we attend) there will be facilities to charge your phone and hairdryers supplied with mirrors.
What comes included in the tents?
The tents are all 5m in diameter and come fully furnished with the queen size double or single Blue Bell wooden camp bed with a real mattress, 200 thread count pure cotton bed linen, winter tog duvets and fluffy pillows, sea-grass custom made flooring, brass vanity mirror, atmospheric lighting and lockable doors.
What should I bring with me?
You are welcome to bring whatever it is that will make your stay even more comfortable. This might be some deckchairs and a camp table, a picnic rug or cooking stove (please check with the festival you are attending on the specific rules). You will also need to bring a towel and toiletries and soap, AND don’t forget your wellingtons or boots! Blue Bell Tents come with bedding and bed linen. We have blankets available to buy and take home with you if you feel the nights are chillier than normal, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.
Is there a deposit system?
Payment for booking is required in advance, and we do not take any additional payment as a security deposit.