Dream Festival Wedding

Creating the Festival Wedding of your dreams

Call it laid back, call it boho, call it green, in fact, call it what you will but there is nothing quite as beautiful or organic as a festival wedding. For the free spirited who blanch at the thought of tradition, or the rules society dictates regarding a wedding, this is the ultimate alternative to the norm. A bit of a change to the church or hotel venue model, a festival wedding makes the possibilities of location endless with an encampment of beautiful wedding tents.

This truly is your day from beginning to end; surrounded by those you love the most.

From costumes to a village of tented bell tent accommodation, it doesn't get any more back to grass roots than this. The rise in popularity of festival weddings certainly seems to cement the opinion that less people are getting married not because they don't want to but more because they don't want to conform to the whole 'wedding' thing in general. Whether you combine your wedding with an actual festival or just engage the general theme you are guaranteed an awesome day from start to finish as it is all being done on your terms.

The best bit is that no one says your dream wedding can't also consist of the whole big dress, top hat and tails malarkey. However if you're looking for a wedding day that is as at one with nature as it's possible to get without actually having a deer or a badger as best man then read on and discover how this whole day can be pulled together with the minimum of hassle.


Festival Wedding Accommodation

For a festival wedding there is only one accommodation that fits the bill; bell tents. As a wedding of this ilk is a very laid-back affair, there is no need for hotel suites with en-suite bathrooms and the like- but we can make some very good recommendations for five star field facilities! A good quality bell tent will provide everyone with the shelter they need and with proper bed and high quality furnishings to match, we've found that many guests who might typically shy away from glamping at weddings have been presently surprised. That said, creating a wedding village by using the top notch tent supplied by Blue Bell Tents and you have moved up the ladder from camping to glamping. Glamorous camping is the order of the day with these outstanding tents, and as well as a comfy bed complete with real mattress, pillows, cosy duvet and linen, lighting and a vanity mirror, there is no other accommodation captures the essence of your wedding day quite like these tents.



Simple, stunning and maybe a touch of vintage should be the order of the day for both the happy couple and their guests. Whether you want the long flowing vintage Biba dress and a simple circle of flowers in your hair or a more modern, organic look shopping for your festival wedding dress can be a whole lot more fun that trawling around traditional bridal stores, what about a floral headpiece or feathers for your hair instead?


Hair and Make Up

Have a separate tent set aside for the bridal party to get dressed in and if you want to spoil them a bit engage the services of a make-up artist and/or hairdresser. Just because you are having a festival wedding doesn't mean you have to compromise on looking your best. Even if it is in a meadow, it is still your wedding day after all. The best thing we've found about keeping the guests together in a bell tent wedding camp, especially if there's a Friday do, is the hubbub and excitement of the big gang getting ready together before the ceremony.


The Ceremony

This is where this style of wedding really comes into its own as you can choose exactly the surroundings you want when you say "I do". A quick trip online will provide you with numerous humanist celebrants, who in travelling with their own licenses, specialise in this kind of outdoor ceremony and whether you want a flower covered arch or something more elaborate to act as the backdrop for your ceremony you will find exactly what you are looking for. How about some rows of hay bales covered in pretty fabrics for guests to sit on to witness your vows?


Food and drink

A large, marquee like structure is very much the order of the day when it comes to your reception. Once again there are plenty of companies out there who supply catering for such events and the tent supplier Blue Bell also offer suggestions for field catering service so you can kill two birds with one stone. You can even hire somebody to bring a wet bar to the proceedings and an entertainer will keep all those young guests amused.

By following this guide, you will see how easy it really is to pull together a festival wedding. You will be amazed at how everyone quickly gets into the swing of things, guaranteeing that everyone will have a brilliant time and remember your special day for all the right reasons.


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What is a Blue Bell Tent?
Blue Bell Tents are traditional canvas 5m bell tents, originating from 19th century military camps and reimagined today as versatile tent hotel rooms. The entrance doorway is over 5ft, and the tallest part of the tent is almost 7ft high.
Is there power?
There is no electricity supplied to the tents themselves, and all lighting is either battery or solar powered. When we are operating a reception tent (at most festivals we attend) there will be facilities to charge your phone and hairdryers supplied with mirrors.
What comes included in the tents?
The tents are all 5m in diameter and come fully furnished with the queen size double or single Blue Bell wooden camp bed with a real mattress, 200 thread count pure cotton bed linen, winter tog duvets and fluffy pillows, sea-grass custom made flooring, brass vanity mirror, atmospheric lighting and lockable doors.
What should I bring with me?
You are welcome to bring whatever it is that will make your stay even more comfortable. This might be some deckchairs and a camp table, a picnic rug or cooking stove (please check with the festival you are attending on the specific rules). You will also need to bring a towel and toiletries and soap, AND don’t forget your wellingtons or boots! Blue Bell Tents come with bedding and bed linen. We have blankets available to buy and take home with you if you feel the nights are chillier than normal, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.
Is there a deposit system?
Payment for booking is required in advance, and we do not take any additional payment as a security deposit.