Blue Bell Tents is delighted to be partnering with The Circuit of Wales for the 2016 MotoGP event.

We pride ourselves on providing the finest bell tent accommodation in the UK. Starting each season with a fresh batch of 5 metre tents, we focus on quality from the ground up, with custom made coir flooring, REAL beds and mattresses, 100% cotton white bed linen and mood lighting.

All tents pre-erected and set up ready for you to just turn up and enjoy then just walk out on departure - just bring your clothes and toiletries - we will even supply your towels.

About our Location

Blue Bell Tents has secured a prime position within Towcester Rugby club, just a stones throw from Silverstone race course, with shuttle bus services running to and from the race course and entertainment. There is access to exclusive shower and toilet facilities within a modern club house with availbility to charge mobile phones and devices and access wifi. 

There will be a club bar available for guests to enjoy a beer or glass of wine at the end of the day and a breakfast service will be available over the course of the weekend.


Hair dryers and mirrors will be available in the pamper tents set up within the boutique camping village. Parking is provided free of charge on site. 

The boutique camping village will have its own reception tent for your arrival from which you will be taken to your allotted tent plus phone charging and hair drying facilities. Blue Bell Tents staff will be on site 24/7 and the reception tent will be open from 8am til 10.30 pm daily. Parking is free and available close to the boutique camping village.

About our tents 

All of our tents are spacious 5 metre bell tents that accomodate 2-4 people in a Double, Triple or Quad tent and beds can be arranged as either singles or doubles. Our tents come equipped with the following:

  • Timber frame camp beds and real mattresses for a proper night's sleep (not air beds)
  • Cosy white bed linen with high tog duvets and pillows plus Indian block printed bed throws
  • Custom made red or natural coir carpets covering the whole floor area
  • Bedside table
  • Battery powered lights

 MotoGP Packages

2 Night Packages (Saturday and Sunday)

Doubles (2 Guests)........  £380 per Tent  

Triples (3 Guests)........    £430 per Tent 

Quads ( 4 Guests)........    £520 per tent 


3 Night Packages (Friday- Monday)

Doubles (2 Guests)........  £400 per Tent 

Triples (3 Guests)........    £460 per Tent 

Quads ( 4 Guests)........    £555 per tent 

4 Night Packages (Thursday- Monday)

Doubles (2 Guests)........  £415 per Tent  

Triples (3 Guests)........    £485 per Tent

Quads ( 4 Guests)........    £599 per Tent

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MotoGP 2016

Sales price: £380.00

Double Tent 2NIGHT

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Sales price: £430.00

Triple Tent 2NIGHT

Sales price: £430.00
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Sales price: £520.00

Quad Tent 2NIGHT

Sales price: £520.00
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What is a Blue Bell Tent?
Blue Bell Tents are traditional canvas 5m bell tents, originating from 19th century military camps and reimagined today as versatile tent hotel rooms. The entrance doorway is over 5ft, and the tallest part of the tent is almost 7ft high.
Is there power?
There is no electricity supplied to the tents themselves, and all lighting is either battery or solar powered. When we are operating a reception tent (at most festivals we attend) there will be facilities to charge your phone and hairdryers supplied with mirrors.
What comes included in the tents?
The tents are all 5m in diameter and come fully furnished with the queen size double or single Blue Bell wooden camp bed with a real mattress, 200 thread count pure cotton bed linen, winter tog duvets and fluffy pillows, sea-grass custom made flooring, brass vanity mirror, atmospheric lighting and lockable doors.
What should I bring with me?
You are welcome to bring whatever it is that will make your stay even more comfortable. This might be some deckchairs and a camp table, a picnic rug or cooking stove (please check with the festival you are attending on the specific rules). You will also need to bring a towel and toiletries and soap, AND don’t forget your wellingtons or boots! Blue Bell Tents come with bedding and bed linen. We have blankets available to buy and take home with you if you feel the nights are chillier than normal, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own.
Is there a deposit system?
Payment for booking is required in advance, and we do not take any additional payment as a security deposit.